Cara Louise is a singer songwriter from St. Louis, MO.  Her backing band includes Adam Donald (guitar, steel), Simon Chervitz (bass), and Scotti Iman (drums).  Cara Louise’s sound combines earnest lyrics and twangy vibrato with rock and roll riffs and haunting steel guitar.

While paving her way as an up-and-coming artist, Cara has supported a number of touring acts over the course of her career including Lilly Hiatt, Futurebirds, Blank Range, Sammy Brue, and Pearl Charles.  Major influences include Bob Dylan, Carole King, and Leonard Cohen; among contemporary alt-country acts, Wilco, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Brandi Carlile.

Cara began singing and performing at age four when she was cast as Tiny Tim in a local production of A Christmas Carol.  She continued musical theatre through her preadolescent years, before discovering a love for underground music and indie festivals in her teens.  From the time she could write, Cara logged journals of poetry and short stories — eventually graduating with a degree in creative writing — but it wasn’t until she left college at Southeast Missouri State that she began teaching herself guitar.

With a new tool for songwriting, Cara Louise cut her teeth performing at open mic nights in St. Louis while finishing her degree at Webster University.  In 2013, Cara formed her own band and self-released her first set of recordings, To Be Dead Is To Be Known, recorded at Sherpa Studios.  The six-song EP, inspired by 1960s Nashville, includes a Patsy Cline-esque ballad, a political satire, and a progressive title track about artistry and death.  After briefly touring the Midwest, Cara Louise Band released their debut LP Fire’s Out through Gaslight Records in 2016.

Fire’s Out is an eclectic mix of tracks highlighting the singer’s ability to bend genre without losing the familiarity in her thematic story telling.  From “Past My Prime,” a song refuting societal pressure to “Aimless Lee,” a classic cowboy tale, this LP covers everything from folklore to hard-hitting existential anxieties.  Leaning harder on her 1970s folk and classic-rock influence, Cara Louise is currently working on a five-song collection with producer and songwriter David Beeman of Native Sound Studios (release date TBA).

“The Cara Louise Band creates a style of country-rock that showcases the alternating moods of strength and frailty in its singer’s voice.” -RFT

“What you’ll hear are the band’s tightly constructed, classic-country-referencing songs given flight by Cara’s strident and commanding vocals.” -RFT

“Classic country sounds partner with Americana sensibilities and a clear path for Cara’s keen songwriting.” -I Went To A Show

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