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Languages ​​of the age: for beginners electronic courses in web development

“Everybody in this nation should figure out how to program a PC, since that shows you how to think.”

(Steve Jobs)

Innovation’s association with human existence is quickening and its effect on them, and this impact is featured in its part in advancing their tasks and interfacing them with the biggest number of gatherings that these activities look to pull in. The universe of destinations has numerous highlights and nuances that individuals like to know and figure out how to comprehend and realize how to manage and add to its turn of events, which is given by the electronic assets bountiful in the Web. By featuring the improvement side of the site, we have numerous perspectives that we can address, however we will restrict ourselves to the main electronic courses to get familiar with the main dialects utilized in web advancement, explicitly HTML and Javascript.


The HTML language name means “Hypertext Markup Language” and signifies “hypertext markup language”, and we note toward the starting that this language isn’t a programming language the same number of accept yet a clear language, as it is utilized as a component of website composition and isn’t completely liable for that, its errand is organizing The page, for example finding the components on it, is one of the most established and most generally utilized dialects , and the undertaking of planning pages and locales is the obligation of the CSS programming language “Falling Style Sheets”. The utilization of HTML is a fundamental part from the “front appearance of web improvement” or what is known as “Front-end web advancement”, that is, the advancement of the front finish of uses, the interface that the client sees and the structures, symbols, pictures, alternatives, and so on

To gain proficiency with this language there are a great deal of electronic courses accessible for all levels, and we will zero in here on the fledgling and middle of the road sides, at the learner level we have an unmistakable arrangement of electronic exercises gave in Arabic to apprentices who don’t have any foundation on the language, these exercises are given by Eid utilizing YouTube, numbering 35 exercises covering essential ideas identified with language learning, for example, shortenings and the tree (progressive diagram) and the related terms, these exercises are described by enacting the down to earth application during the clarification and by being introduced in a streamlined way that is simple for the beneficiary to comprehend and apply straightforwardly.

We additionally have an “Introduction to HTML and CSS” course introduced on Udacity by Google, which is a three-week free course focused on apprentices who need to learn HTML and how to utilize it in website architecture. The course is recognized by the way that it consolidates the two dialects HTML and CSS, where the exercises are isolated into three areas: HTML, issues confronting HTML, CSS, and issues confronting CSS, HTML exercises cover significant ideas identified with them, for example, tree, programs, and word processing, trailed by a bunch of issues that empower The understudy applies what he figured out how to settle it, and causes him work on composing expertise utilizing this language. Concerning the CSS exercises, they clarify what they are, and the distinction among them and the HTML language, and they manage related points, for example, properties, determinants, and tones.

Concerning the transitional level, Udemy presents a course named “Construct Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3”. It is positioned first as per the webpage arrangement for the courses that show the HTML and CSS language, as it expects to give its understudies what they need to begin planning pages utilizing the HTML/CSS dialects from the earliest starting point to the high level, and covers the stages and instruments of successful web composition including colors, pictures, symbols, plan, Writing the code, and improving the website to acquire quicker execution to improve web crawlers, and best works on, implying that understudies will be prepared to plan sites once they finish the course, through a gathering that contains 77 instructive exercises The quantity of understudies in the course surpassed 70 thousand understudies, and got an absolute assessment 4.7 out of 5 by 12,500 understudies among them, and despite the fact that it isn’t offered for nothing, getting a coupon from the webpage permits the understudy to read for nothing or with a huge markdown on the estimation of his charges, and can likewise exploit the offers Periodicity gave by the webpage, during which course costs tumble to short of what one 10th of its worth.


JavaScript is an elevated level programming language, and is not the same as Java, regardless of the comparability of name. It is additionally viewed as one of the programming dialects utilized in the advancement of “Front-end web improvement”, however the foundation of the Node.js programming framework that depends on composing this language added to its application in the “advancement of the application framework” (Back end Development), for example use outside the program.

Presently to gain proficiency with this language, you are before many electronic courses accessible through instructive stages or YouTube channels, you may locate some affixed exercises inside a particular rundown zeroing in on a particular theme, which is the favored kind to gain proficiency with this subject as opposed to investing energy in independent exercises that may not serve your instructive objective, and we will address Here are courses for learning JavaScript and learning Node.js. We start with Eid network exercises, and this time these exercises are not accommodated amateurs, implying that they require the accessibility of language information for students. The organization gives on its YouTube channel 90 exercises to become familiar with the JavaScript language in Arabic, it starts by explaining significant focuses, for example, the components of the page, and afterward continues to disclose how to change over Java dialects Script and HTML into a tree and cover the connected terms, at that point clarify the employments of certain capacities and properties, and the idea of Node, its sorts and issues, just as detail somewhat about the CSS language, and explain ideas, for example, present day use and impacts, with the utilization of guides to improve, and reasonable application to explain how to apply the data remembered for the preparation.

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