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What are IMAP, POP and SMTP?

 IMAP and POP are the accompanying two different ways to get to email. IMAP is the prescribed technique when you need to browse your email messages from numerous different gadgets, for example, your telephone, PC, and tablet.


IMAP permits you to get to your email any place you are, from any gadget. When perusing an email message utilizing IMAP, you are not really downloading or putting away it on your PC. All things being equal, you are perusing it from an email worker. Accordingly, you can browse email from different gadgets, anyplace on the planet: a telephone, a PC, and a companion’s PC.

IMAP downloads just a message when you click it, and connections aren’t downloaded naturally. Thusly in case you’re ready to check your messages more rapidly than POP.


Popup works by reaching your email administration and downloading all new messages from it. Once downloaded to your PC or Mac, it is erased from the email administration. This implies that in the wake of downloading the email, it must be gotten to utilizing a similar PC. On the off chance that you attempt to get to your email from an alternate gadget, the recently downloaded messages won’t be accessible to you.

Sent mail is put away locally on your PC or Mac, not on the email worker.

The records of countless Internet Service Providers (ISPs) award you to send email that utilization POP.


SMTP is a shortening for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which means in Arabic Simple Mail Transfer Protocol used to send messages and direct them to a predefined beneficiary, as by far most of mail workers utilize this convention for sending. It utilizes TCP/IP to move information through port 25.

Email applications versus webmail accounts

On the off chance that you’ve utilized Gmail,,, or iCloud, at that point you’ve utilized Mail on the Web. To get to your webmail account, you can go on the web and sign in to your email account.

On the off chance that you have a PC or Mac, you probably utilized a program like Outlook or Apple Mail Thunderbird to oversee email. Viewpoint, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird email applications: programs introduced on your PC to oversee email. They interface with an email administration, for example, Gmail or to get and send email.

You can add any email record to the email application to oversee email. For instance, you can add webmail accounts – Gmail,,, AOL, and Yahoo – to the Outlook or Apple Mail application to oversee email, and you can add business email accounts.

Add web mail records to sending email applications, for example, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird

At the point when you add your email record to the email application, it will normally attempt to set it up with IMAP access, with no contribution from you.

On the off chance that the email application experiences issues adding an email account, this is normally on the grounds that the email account is set up for POP access. For this situation, you need to go to your email supplier and discover the name of their POP and SMTP worker so you can enter the data in the email application. For the most part, the data seems like the accompanying:

Imap. <Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) Mail: administration name> .com

Pop. <Incoming Mail Server (POP): administration name> .com

Smtp. <Outgoing (SMTP) mail worker: administration name> .com

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